Sunday, February 03, 2008

MW IX Update

Everyone + Junkyard at Perkins.

[almost]everyone (photo by Ben). Click to view it bigger.

Fun evening, got to meet everyone at Perkins, drank a few cups of coffee and a malt, chilled, and then headed to West Kitts. Ben and I hooked up with GoxKok and his crew and we made it to the top of the third helix. Ben and I wanted to check out some other stuff that evening, so we left them there to wait for everyone else to show up. We both slipped and fell in on the way out, Ben got his leg hurt, and I had to head home, so that pretty much ended the exploring for us that evening. Totally worth it though, I got to meet allot of really cool people that I need to go exploring with more often.

Update (2/7/08):
Ben just sprained his ankle, nothing terribly exciting.

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