Monday, February 05, 2007

"Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness" Minnesota Debut

Here are the details:
Closer to home, Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness makes it’s official Minnesota debut on Friday, March 16th, at 9pm, followed by a second screening a day later, March 17th, at 4pm. Both are at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, whom you should contact to reserve or purchase tickets. To judge from the turn-out at the last fundraiser for the film, I would not show up fifteen minutes early and expect to get in.
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Anonymous said...

who is you guys? you on hollow hills or just do your own thing?

Spaz said...

I personally do, but other than posting in a few discussions, am not to involed in the "city-wide Urbex community", we are our own thing and don't really associate with other groups.

Anonymous said...

that's cool. that's basically what i do. sometimes i'll listen in to get some info i want, but otherwise i stick with my own crew.

Anonymous said...

dude quit blowing up spots, then the fun is ruined for everyone.