Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Poking Around Near St. Anthony Main


Location: Near St. Anthony Main
Crew: me
Mission Time: About 20 minutes
Difficulty: None ;)

It has been a while since our last post. Quite a while. Being in school all day and working on the weekends is probably going to cut down on the time we can spend exploring. I know I promised an update by Labor Day, and this is a pretty sad excuse. I didn't even think to take a few seconds of video, just for the sake of posting something interesting.
Honestly, I didn't expect to do anything remotely urban exploration related. I was going to bike over to my old school to give my old art teacher a hand with posting some of the student's art on the web. I was not sure he would be there and, well, he wasn't. It was a really nice, cool evening so I decided to bike a few blocks over to an area that I knew to have entrances to several... points of interest. I started looking for the entrance to
The NSP Power Plant Tunnels, which are somewhere near by.
By this time though, the sun was getting low. The area is unlit, overgrown, under kept, and popular with homeless people, drunks, and others I didn't really feel like having a confrontation with, so I left with a few photos of a tunnel entrance that might be worth coming back to another time, but I am not going to hold my breath.

This is the tunnel entrance... no, really.

...looking in.

///UPDATE/// -2/28/07
So I've been back there since and this tunnel unfortunately dead-ends after a few yards. There is plenty of other very interesting stuff in the area though.
What I'm excited for though is the completion of a new park area closer to the falls, where the fireworks are usually launched form during Aquatenial and the 4th of July, ect. It should give easy access to a great view of the falls, starting this spring.

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