Thursday, June 15, 2006

Minnehaha Creek Amphitheater Drain Recon


Location: Minnehaha Park
Crew: Cheese & Spaz
Mission Time : 5 mins (in drain)
Difficulty: N/A
Cheese and I were all set to check it out. We found the entrance with no problem (its hard to miss), and I squeezed through the gate inside.
The drain is massive, large enough to drive a small truck in to. After walking a few yards into the darkness, I could see a massive hole in the floor, into which rushed all the water from the drain. I grabbed a lose metal railing that ran back along the wall on my right and proceeded to move past the hole. I didn't get to far though as the water behind the hole extended from wall to wall. I walked back to the entrance where Cheese was waiting, and told him about the impediment, so we just climbed the cliffs around the creek before returning.
We'll be back, next time with waterproof boots!


Anonymous said...

Dude, we just came back from exploring the Minnehaha drain. Not sure if you went back, but if youre curios Were gonna post some pictures and a summary here at

ToXiC said...

ToXiC here from Twin Cities Urban Recon, site is going up soon, but if you havent gone back already, just goto the right of the drain hole and follow it 100ft and walk up the brick staircase and you'll be able to get to the end no problem, its shallow in the Winter so, thought i'd give you a heads up ;)

Matt said...

So with that drain, you don't need boots if it doesn't rain. Once you get past the column like steps the water flows down the middle and you can walk on either side.